About me


It’s early foggy morning, the sun hasn’t risen yet the chirping of birds breaks the silence of the night. As the sun rises the fog slowly breaks giving way to golden beams of light piercing through the weathered branches of an old tree.

My goal is to capture moments like these with my camera raising awareness of the fleeting beauty of what is all around us highlighting the importance of protecting it.

My name is Julien, and I am a landscape photographer. Originally from the border between Switzerland and France, I now live on a little piece of heaven surrounded by nature known as Tamborine mountain, a forest that overlooks the vast Scenic Rim. The Mountain is surrounded by National Parks home to Rainforests where native wildlife flourishes in the form of lyrebirds, carpet pythons, and pademelons.
Naturally, my photography turned to these beautiful places, and I have spent the past 3 years exploring the most incredible part of the Scenic Rim and honing my craft. From Lamington to Mount Barney across the plains and back to Tamborine mountain I have hiked to and bore witness to some of the most incredible displays that nature can showcase capturing them with my camera.
My photos remain true to the character of the scenes I have captured and the experiences I have lived. I use advanced post-production techniques to enhance the artistic expression of my images while respecting the reality of the scene I captured creating a piece of art I would be proud to hang on my wall.
I hope you will enjoy it!